Post Oak Traffic Systems provides a full, end-to-end solution for wireless address matching for traffic information. Each product has a modular design and rich interfaces that can easily be integrated into other systems such as existing traffic management center software.

* Our software modules can also be integrated into your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solution.

Product Line Summary

  • Roadside equipment package and software for detecting and forwarding wireless addresses. Product Datasheet
  • Traffic data calculation software for determining real-time and historical travel time and speed data.
  • Data analysis package for viewing real-time and historical data graphically.
  • Travel time and speed graphic overlays and web display for use in traffic management and traveler information system applications.

Roadside Reader and Software

Post Oak Traffic Systems revolutionary traffic detection device reads MAC addresses from enabled Bluetooth devices and forwards them to software capable of estimating travel times and speeds.

The devices are equipped with a Class 1 Bluetooth adapter and antenna and can detect devices in a radius of approximately 100 meters (300 feet). The devices have multiple options for fitting into your communications infrastructure as they are equipped with Ethernet and USB ports. The system software runs on the Linux operating system and has all the Linux tools for remote management of the device.

Post Oak Traffic Systems patent pending, state-of-the-art method for detecting Bluetooth enabled devices results in 50% more traffic data samples than the standard method.

Product Datasheet

Traffic Data Calculation Software

The Traffic Data Calculation Software receives MAC addresses from the traffic detection devices and utilizes matching algorithms to determine travel times and speeds between configured locations. The algorithms used to derive travel times and speeds are the result of thousands of days of operations in real-time environments. The software offers the flexibility for configuring different algorithms and algorithm parameters based on roadway characteristics.

The Traffic Data Calculation Software gives customers the ultimate flexibility for data access by providing a real-time interface for the following elements.

  • Individual Bluetooth address records.
  • Individual travel time and speed samples.
  • Travel time and speed summaries for specified intervals--for example 15 minutes.
  • XML based, real-time snapshot of average travel times and speeds for easy integration into existing traveler information and traffic management software.

Traffic Data Analytics Software

Post Oak Traffic Systems provides a web-based analytics tool to allow users to visualize real-time and historical data from each roadway segment monitored by the system. The analytics tool lets users view charts showing various statistics from each monitored roadway segment. The charts are capable of displaying information such as traffic data samples generated by speed/travel time and time of day and number of samples generated by specific time intervals.

The analytics tool also generates origin-destination matrices in real-time, allowing users to view detailed trip distributions.

Sample Chart of Individual Speed Samples By Time of Day

Traveler Information Applications

Post Oak Traffic Systems traffic map overlays show traffic conditions on roadway segments instrumented with Bluetooth device readers. The overlays can be displayed on your existing mapping platform and used to provide traffic management and traveler information functions.

Sample Traffic Information Overlay