The Post Oak Traffic Systems Advantage

Post Oak Traffic Systems products allow customers to acquire a traffic data collection infrastructure at a very low cost--unprecedented in the traffic data collection industry.

In addition, our patent-pending method for detecting Bluetooth devices overcomes the lag, latency, and accuracy issues of similar Bluetooth-based travel time monitoring equipment. Read More...

Employment of this method enables more robust monitoring on facilities with less traffic (for example, lesser traveled arterials) than any other probe-based travel time monitoring system.

The Most Accurate Travel Times

Utilizing Bluetooth addresses provides highly accurate travel time samples because the technology directly measures travel time rather than estimating it from point based sensors such as loop detectors and radar.

High Number of Samples

As of 2010, it is estimated that 20% of vehicles have some kind of Bluetooth-enabled device that can potentially be used to sample travel times. This number will increase as Bluetooth devices become more prevalent. Accurate traffic data can be collected on both high and lower volume roadways.

Easy On Your Infrastructure

Device readers are the size of a cigar box, low-power, and non-intrusive to the roadway infrastructure. They can easily be installed in a matter of minutes.


The Bluetooth protocol is a standards-based, open system that is not controlled by a single company. We have designed our products around the open concept using technologies and protocols (such as Linux and TCP/IP) that are standards based, modular in nature, and easy to integrate.


Because of the standards-based nature of the Bluetooth equipment and the wide availability of products, the cost for acquiring a Bluetooth-based traffic monitoring system are several orders of magnitude lower than competing traffic monitoring technologies.

The Proof Is In the Data

To benchmark performance, Post Oak’s Bluetooth-based AWAM system was installed alongside a probe-based toll tag (AVI) system. The charts below show a full day's comparison of speed samples collected using both AVI toll tags and Bluetooth MAC addresses. In this comparison, AWAM is collecting more data samples at a fraction of the cost of the competing technology.

Toll Tag/Bluetooth Comparison