About Post Oak Traffic Systems

Licensed from patent pending technology developed by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, a premier transportation research organization, Post Oak Traffic Systems are currently deployed on both freeway and arterial environments. The products offered by Post Oak Traffic Systems have evolved out of years of research and thousands of hours of operations in production environments, specifically in roadside traffic cabinets.

Initially, research was conducted into finding a low cost alternative to monitoring traffic on roadways for state and local governments. Existing systems require large amounts of costly and physically invasive infrastructure, are difficult to install and maintain, and utilize vendor specific software and protocols. These issues become especially magnified as the traffic monitoring system is migrated to arterial streets as the number of roadways and detectors needed for monitoring increases exponentially. Because the travel time data produced by the these systems is of tremendous value to traffic management, traveler information, and planning applications, research into less costly and more efficient methods for determining roadway travel times was conducted. The result of that research and subsequent development is a full product suite offering the very best in traffic data collection at a low cost.